Institutional Brand Building consulting

Institutional Brand Building consulting

As per the World UN Report, the major spending of the new economy parents in India goes to their children’s Education next to their basic requisites believing that best education can create best future citizens. In a globalized scenario the challenge for the current educational institution is to meet the expectations of the parents by providing quality education with international standards and exposure. With this deep insight Rumination is offering a branding consultation services with lot of innovations and western ideologies to new age educational institutions.

Institutional Branding Solutions

• International University Tie-up Consultation

• International Residential Institution Set up Consultation

• Overseas Education Consultation

• Institutional Profiling

• Transformational content writing

• SEO and Digital Marketing for Institutions

• International Certification Program on Institutional Leadership

• Event Design and Management

• After School Activity designing

• Student Counselling

• Placement Consultation

• HRD Cell implementation


• Association with International Universities will be made easy with our professional expertise by which the Institution will get an International branding.

• The infrastructure of the Institution will be equipped with facilities with international standard.

• The students will get an international exposure

• The students will get a physical, mental and moral integrated development.

• The institution can provide Overseas Education opportunities to their student’s community.

• The Academic performance of the students can be easily achieved by enabling 3D learning.

• The Institution will have a centralized system to assess the data on line.

• The Human Resource and the Leadership will be equipped with regular interventions which will lead to Institutional Excellence.

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