Institutional Excellence Programme

With our more than a decade of experience in dealing with the different stakeholders of education, we have a strong insight about the pressing need to bridge the gaps between them. We have to act with a sense of emergency to establish a deeper understanding about their roles in developing a holistic development for the student’s community. Institutional Excellence Program is a yearlong membership program offered to the premium institutions to cater the knowledge, skill and ability needs for students, teachers and parents and thereby to create a visible educational excellence in action.

Program Title : Institutional Excellence Program

Targeted Audience: Students, Teachers and Parents

Total number of programs : 10 Programs

Learning Objectives :

i. To support the student community in understanding their innate traits, skills and aptitude

ii. To provide an exposure to the faculty fraternity about 21st century facilitation skills

iii. To help parents in understanding their children’s educational psychology

List of Programs

The following are the areas of training that will be focused for the different stakeholders of educational excellence.


i.Super Hero

ii.Career Guidance

iii.Memory Improvement

iv.Examination Preparation


i.21st century facilitation skills

ii.Effective Communication for better facilitation

iii.Understanding the Learning styles

iv.Alternate Teaching Methodologies


i.Positive Parenting

ii.Dealing with adolescence kids

Program outcomes

i.Better understanding and bondage between teachers, parents and students

ii.Students will have a clarity about themselves and their academic performance will be enriched

iii.Teachers will get an exposure the advanced facilitation skills

Parents will connect themselves deeper with their kids

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