Positive Parenting Program

Becoming a parent is different from being a parent. As a parent they have lot of expectations from their child. They expect their child to be educated for more than 17 years and to see him or her emerge as a competent person in the society. They eagerly anticipate their child to bring that coveted glory, happiness, success and status for their family. But do they play their role as a positive parent? Do they have the required skills to develop their child? Are they aware of their children’s feelings? Do they spend time to reflect about their own behaviour and its impact on their children?

• 60% of the children do not have the required interpersonal relationship skills

• 46% of the children have serious adolescence and infatuation problems.

• 73% of the children undergo serious stress and psychological behaviour problem during examinations.

• 47% of the parents are unaware of individual natural giftedness of their own children.

• There is an average of 200 obscene scenes per week in the media which a child should not see.

• More than 50% of the parents cannot provide suitable career guidance for their children.

• A middle income group family spends approximately Rs.10 lakhs on a child from its birth till he or she becomes an earning member.

• Our Universities and other Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies are announcing that only 10% of our qualified graduates are employable and productive and the rest of them are devoid of suitable qualities to lead a successful career.

In reality the statistics about our Indian children is alarming

With a deeper understanding about the aforesaid information, Rumination have initiated a holistic Positive Parenting Programme which emphasise on the importance of being an enabled parent. PPP will support the current generation parents to realise their responsibility of understanding the individual capacity of their child and thereby to support the development of unique talents and personality of their children.

Program Title : Positive Parenting Program

Targeted Audience: Parents

Duration : 3 hours/ session

Number of Audience per batch : 30 participants

Learning Objectives :

i. To hone the positive parenting skills to develop their child

ii. To provide the finer understanding about the behaviour, attitude, belief, values and action of their child.

iii. To be the perfect role model for their children

iv. To guide them in encouraging their children to identify and to live with their uniqueness.

v. To help them in understanding their learning abilities

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