Goals of Rumination


To know thyself and to be organised

Man Making Education

To enable Physical, Mental, Moral & Spiritual Well being

Integrated Development

To inspire and motivate mankind towards personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence

Life Skills

To enable Knowledge, Skill and Ability for prosperous and purposeful living

Value Based Living

To live a value based and ethical life

Social Responsibility

To behave ethically and with sensitivity towards social, cultural and environmental issues

Recent Works

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Laughter is contagious


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To believe in the heroic make heroes.


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changes call for innovation


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All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.



“To ignite every mind with man making education and thereby to drive personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence.”


“To envisage, enrich and enable knowledge,
skill and ability building tools to human community for better living.”


“Every living being deserves a better life and there is always a better way to live.”