Life is Beautiful

Do we really live our lives?! What is life all about?! How to live a meaningful life?! If you have a quest to explore, understand and live the deeper dimensions of life, Life is beautiful is the programme which targets to help you to transform the way you live your life now. A feeling of Life is beautiful is guaranteed for those who are going to take up this life altering programme.

Program Title : Life is beautiful

Targeted Audience: Individuals (Age group 16 to 60)

Duration : 8 seasons (3 Hours)

Learning Objectives :

i. To understand the real essence and uniqueness of life

ii. To explore you and your life deeper and to synergise the real you with the lifetime walks of your true and meaningful living.

Areas of Focus:

• Why, what and How of Life

• Dimensions of Life

• The real you

• Breaking your comfort zones

• Desire to Destination

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