Sky is the beginning

Sky is the beginning is an outbound and experiential programme which is exclusively designed for achievers who aspires to be the best in whatever they do. Every one of us faces a struck state at any point in our lives. At this state of life, there will be a difference between the current you and the super explosive hero in you. There will be a massive distance between your current life and the life of your dream. Sky is the beginning is waiting to give a breakthrough to your urge to be the best.

Program Title : Sky is the beginning

Targeted Audience: Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Success Aspirants

Duration :5 days

Learning Objectives :

i. To meet the super hero in you and to unleash the super explosive power in you

ii. To break all your inhibitions and barriers

iii. To program power resourceful states in your mind through NLP interventions

Areas of Focus:

• The real hero in you

• Your life at its best

• Power of your mind

• Thought seeds to explosive deeds

• Positive rephrasing

• Patterns of your attitude, behaviour and action

• Break the barriers

• Installing power states

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