Centre for Human Excellence

Centre for Human Excellence

Centre for Human Excellence is a trend setting initiative of Rumination with the vision of designing, developing and delivering training interventions for the various stakeholders such as students, faculties, parents, educational leaders and societal bodies who are involved in the process of transforming the nation through quality education. The objective of this Nation building program is to do a research on the various missing links in the areas of communication process, instructional quality, educational leadership, best educational practices, learning to action, behavioural management, academic excellence, life skills and values, and thereby to evolve and implement world class training interventions and other empowering bridging events for all the stakeholders.

Program Title : Centre for Human Excellence

Targeted Audience: Students, Faculties, Parents, Institutional Leaders and Societal Educational aspirants

Learning Objectives :

i. To bridge the gap between students, faculties and parents

ii. To design and deliver training interventions to enrich the skillsets of students, faculties, parents and institutional leaders

iii. To create a platform to exchange the views and emotions for the various stakeholders of education

iv. To support an integrated institutional development

v. To elicit the power state and resourceful state.

Life Plan

Soon after the completion of secondary education, students with the guidance of parents, teachers and well-wishers plan for their higher education and career opportunities. This is a crucial stage in each student’s life where they transit from dependency stage to interdependency at which point they start to think and act on various destination of life. The objective of the Life Plan programme is to facilitate the transition state from dependence to interdependence on various aspects of his/her life such as their current skill sets, interested areas and purpose of their lives. The rationale is to help students to get a fair idea about being specific about their innate personal, professional and social destinations. The program equips the participants to design a life plan for them which tend to act as a road map for successful living.

Program Title : Life Plan

Duration : 1 day

Targeted Audience: Students

Learning Objectives :

vi. To break the limiting beliefs like inferiority complex, fear and negative attitude

vii. To elicit the powerful resourceful states like self-confidence, positive attitude, courage and perseverance

viii. To trigger the paradigm of Life = You+Time+Destination

ix. To facilitate them to create a holistic life plan which includes the personal, professional, social, spiritual and other unique purposes of life.

Get Smart

The Percentage of students who crack the campus interview in Tamilnadu varies from 8% to 23% year after year. Though our students have very good record in the academics, there is a skill gap that prevails when coming to the application of their knowledge in a corporate environment. Employment opportunities, skill enhancement and abilities to meet the corporate world’s expectation are the major challenges for our youths. Get smart is an attempt to bridge these skill gaps, where the participants will be trained on attitude re-engineering, aptitude, communication skills and interview readiness so that they will successfully transit from the campus to corporate environment smoothly. It supports the participants to get a deeper connection with their core strengths and the main objective of the programme, is to guide them learn the strategies to play on their strengths.

Program Title : Employability skills

Duration : 2 days

Targeted Audience: Final Year Students

Learning Objectives :

i. Assessing the current employability Skill Level at par with Global Standards through Online Psychometric Assessment

ii. To fine tune the employability skills through training and mock interventions

iii. To enhance the employment opportunity by fine tuning the employability skills

Competitive Edge

The pressure of preparing for the competitive examinations is loaded on our children day- by- day and the stress they undergo is pathetic. More than the subject knowledge, our children need to update themselves with the cutting edge nuances of successful preparation and participation for the competitive examination. Most importantly, our students need a resourceful state of mind which is powerful enough to face all these challenges. Competitive edge is the behavioural training programme exclusively designed for the students to support them to break their barriers and inhibitions through powerful NLP interventions and also to help them to have a powerful state of mind and belief system which will help them to positively crack their competitive examinations.

Program Title : Competitive Edge

Duration :40 Hrs

Targeted Audience: Students appearing for competitive examinations

Learning Objectives :

i. To break the inhibitions towards competitive examinations

ii. To Program them with required resourceful states to be successful in the competitive examination

iii. To provide them tips and secrets for competitive examination

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